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Traditional Wear

Cultures around the world have its identity and traditions. With respect for it, we design and produce traditional garments to meet the expectations of our client. 

With our designers and team understanding the culture and its story, every garment produced is cared for. With clients mainly in the Middle East, we focus on traditional wear in the Islamic culture and its beauty. 

With culture and its tradition in mind, we add excitement to each design and make the style outstanding compared to its past. With love for trims and quality finishing, we care of the smallest details resulting in fine products. 

Production of Islamic Garments -Thobe 

With our team from various cultural backgrounds, we run the designs through our team and our clients then step into production. 
With each trim and detail, we have always exceeded our client's expectations. 

Valuing the feedback, our client's customers have liked and enjoyed the garments the way we have enjoyed in creating the pieces. 

Traditional Wear Catalogue

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