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Since 1982

Understand Client's Requirments

Approved Samples =


Deliver products to Clients

Understanding the Needs of the Client

With clients and their customers from different parts of the world, we take the needed measures to understand the client's products. Caring for every step, we study our client's needs and their aesthetics to best develop the products.

Sample and Production Aspects

We create the samples in house with experienced tailors and designers. Matching the fabrics and the trims, the samples are mailed to the client for approval.

Only with the approved samples by our quality inspectors and clients, we proceed to production. We keep the work pace with the delivery date to ensure the best quality.

Shipping and Delivery

Understanding the delivery dates, our team heads to production. Our production schedule is monitored with system such as TNA to ensure timely delivery. Updating our client at every step, we make sure the qualities are scanned for its second inspection a week before shipping to maintain the quality of each piece.

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